How to Become a Water Walker: Lessons In Faith
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How to Become a Water Walker: Lessons In Faith

Andrew Wommack

It wasn't just fate or luck that Peter walked on the water while the other apostles stayed in the boat, but why do some people walk in miracles and others don't? A fatalistic philosophy will tell you that miracles only happen if God wills them-but believing that will really kill your faith! If you want to walk on water and experience miracles, the first thing it's going to take is getting out of the boat! In this book, Andrew shares many of the faith principles he has learned from God's Word about walking in the miraculous. If you will receive these truths, you can walk on water too.


Tämän tuotteen kohdalla toimitusaika vaihtelee (riippuen tuotteen saatavuudesta) ja saattaa toisinaan olla reilustikin toimitusehdoissa mainittua aikaa pidempi. Toimitusaika-arviota voi tiedustella s-postitse.

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