The Power Of Simple Prayer
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The Power Of Simple Prayer

Joyce Meyer

How to Talk to God about Everything.

Joyce Meyer explores how simple prayer can dramatically transform our lives.
'If someone asked me, 'Joyce, if you could make only one comment about prayer, what would it be?' I would have to respond by talking about its simplicity. It is so much easier than we think.'
Somehow we have convinced ourselves that prayer is dry and difficult; we have invented religious 'systems' for prayer that place it out of reach for many of us. But The Power of Simple Prayer shows us that God desires our prayer lives to be enjoyable and as natural as breathing.
Joyce Meyer's life-transforming new book:
- Answers the most basic questions we are sometimes afraid to ask: what is prayer and how do we do it?
- Offers you the key to a more powerful, effective prayer life
- Helps you decide when it is and when it is not right to pray
- Identifies 'Fourteen Hindrances to Answered Prayer'


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